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Thanksgiving Turkey Board

My take on the classic turkey-shaped veggie platter. It’s perfect as a Thanksgiving appetizer.

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Thanksgiving Snack Board for Kids

Create this fun treat using a muffin tin to get your kids excited about Thanksgiving (and their veggies)!

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Easy Cheese Ball Turkey Shaped Appetizer

It’s hard to believe that I’ve had a cheese-focused blog for years now and have yet to make a cheese ball for ya! Serve these on your favorite platter in regular rows, in color-coordinated bowls, or make the cutest little turkey-shape out of them to add a bit of personality and fun to your Fall cheese board game.

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Muffin Tin Halloween Board

My Halloween snack board is a hit for kids of any age. Using a muffin tin to display these spooky snacks makes it easy and fun for your kiddos to see the various shapes and characters. It’s more interactive that way!

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