Dip Recipes

While I love cheese and crackers on their own, dips make charcuterie boards even more fun! There are sweet dips for fruit, savory dips for veggies, and cheesy dips for meats, carbs, and pretty much anything your heart desires.

Whether it’s the star of the snack show or a supporting cheese board character, you and your guests will be happy you dipped (or scooped, I don’t judge) into this page!

Salami Chips Recipe

Ditch the potato chips and make these crunchy, protein-packed salami chips instead! They’re super easy to make as an afternoon snack, an appetizer for date night, or an hors d’oeuvre for your next gathering. Throw ‘em in the oven (or…

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Greek Yogurt Veggie Dip

Greek yogurt has so many wonderful uses. It’s not only delicious in my morning smoothies, but it also makes a great base for many dips, both savory and sweet. This recipe is so easy peasy, you’ll want to make it…

Chocolate Dip for Fruit

There are two things I love more than just about anything (ok, maybe not more than cheese): fruit and chocolate. This chocolate hazelnut mascarpone dip is creamy, chocolaty, and nutty without being too sweet and it goes with all my…

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S’mores Dip Recipe

S’mores are the ultimate summer treat. Whether you go old school and roast them on a found stick over a literal camp fire or prefer them skewer-free in the oven, this skillet s’mores recipe is the dessert dip you’ll be…

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