Thanksgiving Turkey Board

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My take on the classic turkey shaped appetizer dish incorporates lots of veggies to make it so colorful and fresh. It’s a fun and festive way to start off your Thanksgiving celebration! Post updated for Thanksgiving 2020.

What’s On This Turkey Board?

Here’s how I put together this adorable turkey shaped appetizer board:

  • Start with your dip. I used a basic sour cream dip. Anything would work well here, especially if it’s a white dip. 
  • Place the dip bowl in the middle, bottom half of your board. 
  • Make the tail feathers. I cut multicolored carrots, mini bell peppers, and green snap peas in half lengthwise. Then laid them all out, fanned beautifully alternating colors, so that the flat side is up. 
  • Add purple cauliflower florets where the bowl meets the tail feathers. This creates a fun texture and pop of color. 
  • I added pepperoni and radish slices at the bottom to fill in that section of the board. You can also leave this open if you want. 
  • Place more halved mini bell peppers in the dip bowl to make the inside part of the tail. 
  • Don’t forget your pretzel sticks for legs, cheese triangle beak, and bell pepper end for the waddle! 

T-Day Facts, Gobble Gobble!

Thanksgiving was officially declared a national holiday in 1863, just after our country suffered great division and huge loss during the Civil War. The holiday was a way to remind everyone of all that they had to be grateful for and what they shared in common.

The most known commercial turkey purveyor in the US, Butterball, has a Turkey-Talk hotline you can call, day of if you’re having turkey trouble. Just know they probably won’t help much with this cute turkey appetizer! 

One of the biggest reasons we eat turkey on Thanksgiving is because it’s a native bird to the US. Plus its size is best to feed a crowd (bigger than a chicken, smaller than other livestock). But the first few Thanksgivings that were held in Plymouth, Massachusetts did not have turkey on the menu! 

Need More Healthy Thanksgiving Snack Ideas?

I used a smaller version of this turkey in my Thanksgiving Kids Snack Board with a number of other whimsical Thanksgiving eats.

What Size is this Board?

The board in these photos is 14.5in diameter and no longer available, however, this round wood platter would be a good alternative. It’s slightly smaller (12in) so note that when gathering ingredients. Other round board options noted in the SHOP THIS POST below.

Show Me Your Board

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Thanksgiving Turkey Board




  • Goat Cheese Dip (feel free to use any dip you like with veggies, including ranch)


  • Carrots (Les Petit Carrots of Many Colors from Trader Joe's are great for this. Slice them lengthwise so you have double the carrots)
  • Mini Bell Peppers (sliced lengthwise for eating/dipping, but reserve one red and one yellow to cut out the turkey's beak & snood)
  • Snap Peas
  • Purple Cauliflower
  • Radishes


  • Beet crackers (from Trader Joe's)


  • Edible Eyes
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