Handheld Recipes

While I love a big cheese board, these single-serving handheld snacks are great for your next party or as part of your self-care TV night routine.

Individual Charcuterie Cups

I first got into making charcuterie cups during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic; charcuterie in a cup was the perfect solution to socially distanced cheese boards. I developed Charcuterie Cones (or #CoronaCones) and Jarcuterie for that very purpose, but…

Individual Charcuterie Cones

I guess we’re living in a time of single-serve cheese plates now. I know people all around are making handheld snacks for their virtual happy hours. I promise, this charcuterie cone will be the hit of your next Zoom hang.

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Easter Cheese Board in a Basket

Updated 2023 When most people think of Easter they think of dyed eggs, easter baskets, candy, and more candy. If you are looking for a creative (read: more grown-up) approach to easter baskets, consider a cheese board basket! Yes, you…

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Rosé Wine and a Charcuterie Bouquet

Cheers! It’s officially rosé season! The best way to enjoy a glass is by pairing it with a rosé bouquet. I created this cute, updated version of our #CoronaCones using strawberries that I turned into roses, salami rosettes, delicious popcorn, and my favorite Aldi cheeses.

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