Cheese & Charcuterie Gifts for Charcuterie Board Lovers – 2022 Gift Guide

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This post contains collections of products that I personally recommend (it may contain affiliate links).

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‘Tis the season for great holiday gifting! Here are my top picks this year, especially if you have a cheese lover in your life.

Meg’s Favorite Cheese Gifts

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It’s no surprise that my top choice is going to be my own product, THE CHEESE BOARD DECK. It’s a perfect gift, stocking stuffer, white elephant, and hostess gift throughout the season!

To make it even more special, grab a basket, and fill it with complimentary items to create the perfect gift for the cheese-loving entertainer in your life.  Here are some items to choose from:

Eat, Drink and Brie Merry Sweatshirt or It’s Gouda Brie Okay Sweatshirt – Cute and cozy and perfect for any cheese lover. I love a good sweatshirt! A classic gift that never goes out of style.

Christmas Tree Ramekins – A perfect hostess gift! I love using these for nuts, candies, and so much more.

White-Washed Serving Board – This board is beautiful! I love the white-washed look – it’s sure to please any foodie!

Marble Serving Board – This marble board reads expensive, but is surprisingly budget-friendly. It’s perfect for serving up charcuterie, but equally beautiful as decoration in the kitchen when not in use.

Brie Baking Dish – I love this dish because it’s a complete all-in-one: you can bake, serve and store in one dish. It’s a great way to make my easy-baked brie recipe from Card 8 of THE CHEESE BOARD DECK.

Mini Black Bowl – I love these small black bowls. They’re beautiful and super useful for filling your cheese boards with a variety of jams, mustard, olives, and nuts.

Black and Gold Cheese Knives – Cheese knives are an essential part of any cheese board. These are particularly fancy, adding a little sparkle to holiday entertaining.

Honey Dipper – Sweet honey and savory cheese are a perfect pairing. And the best way to serve it up on a board is with a honey dipper. Grab a ramekin, pour in your honey, and have your guests use the dipper to drizzle honey onto their cheese and crackers.

Fun Charcuterie Board Gifts

charcuterie board gift, cheese gifts, charcuterie gifts

Add some fun to this year’s gift-giving! These gifts are great for hosts, co-workers, Secret Santas, and so much more.

Alphabet Serving Boards – A fun way to create in the kitchen! Adults and children alike will love using these alphabet boards!

Smores Sticks – A classic gift! It’s one that not many think about until the chocolate and marshmallow cravings hit! This would be a great gift for families!

Charcuterie Board Earrings – So fun for your cheese-loving friend! A fun and creative gift idea!

Charcuterie Board Wine Stoppers – Know a wino that loves their snacks? These wine stoppers are fun and flashy!

State Charcuterie Board – Every state is available! These make for a great gift to new homeowners or families that travel often.

Piano Charcuterie Board – This is so fun! Calling all music lovers – take those snacks to the next level with this perfect pianist placemat for cheese.

Charcuterie Gifts

cheese gifts, charcuterie board gift, charcuterie gifts

All of my favorite board and accessory options!

Slate Cheese Board – This easy-to-use board is great for casual gatherings. Use chalk to add names of items or even have fun with it! You can add fun facts, your guest’s names, and so much more.

Ceramic Charcuterie Board – The perfect gift for someone who loves to host! Charcuterie is made easy with this sectioned board that tells exactly where each food group should go.

Marble and Wood 3-Piece Serving Set – I love how pretty this functional set it! Use it for everything from toppings, candies, fruits, nuts, salt & pepper and more.

Marble and Brass Monogram Board – The prettiest board! I love this option for a newlywed. Grab a board with their monogram. Plus, it doubles as decor!

Acacia Dip Bowl Set – A must-have for dips or toppings! A taco or dessert bar wouldn’t be complete without these!

Ramekins – You truly can’t have too many of these! They are an essential hosting item! I use these in my boards all the time.

Wooden Appetizer Tongs – Another essential for hosting! They are a pretty alternative to guests grabbing with their hands or toothpicks.

Cheese Knife Set – I love a good cheese knife set! Gift these with a matching board, such as the one below.

Wood Round Serving Tray – A classic foodie gift. This large board is great for everything from charcuterie to dessert to snack spreads.

Small Wooden Spoons – If you gift a pair of ramekins or bowls, add these for extra flair!

Large Wood Tray – Another classic! For all those recipients that are hard to shop for, a large wood tray is a great option!

Stocking Stuffers for Charcuterie Lovers

charcuterie board gift, cheese gifts, charcuterie board christmas gift

Filling a stocking and feeling stuck? Add one – or a few – of these!

Wine and Cheese Towel Set – I love a great set of kitchen towels. These are the perfect addition to any kitchen – they are simple enough to pair with any decor!

Gold Stainless Steel Cheese Markers – For all cheese lovers! Take your hosting game to the next level with these chic and fun cheese markers.

Marble Wine Stoppers – You can’t have too many of these! Especially with a pretty marble top, any wine-lover is sure to adore these.

Gold Agate Cheese Knives – I love how unique and pretty these are! They are definitely a unique find!

Wine Chiller – Another gift idea for any wine lover. This marble wine chiller is so pretty – it pairs well with any party decor!

Gold Cheese Knives – A classic gift! If you’re struggling with what to add to any stocking, this is a go-to!

Cheese Gifts for Kids

cheese gifts, charcuterie board gift, charcuterie board christmas gift

Calling all little chefs! Make kitchen time extra fun with any of these gift ideas.

Animal Picks – This set of 30 is not only great for snack and cheese boards, but it’s a great option to add to lunchboxes as well! No more worrying about packing a fork!

Tongs – A great addition to a snack board, but also great for dexterity and fine motor skills!

Paw Print Board and Serving Set – This board has built-in serving utensils! Your little chef-in-the-making will love using these or the set of three wooden boards for their new creations.

Heart Ramekin and Star Ramekins – Add these to your little one’s snack boards! You can use them for dessert boards and sprinkles and candies, or add your favorite dips for their fruit and veggie spreads.

Charcuterie Plastic Set – Your little one will love adding these to their play kitchen!

Set of 3 Charcuterie Boards – Some great options for your creative kiddos! This set of three is perfect if you find yourself making boards often! Also great for birthday parties!

Visual Recipe Book – Kristine from Live Love Speech sent me a copy of her cards earlier this year and I loved them so much that I knew wanted to include them in the gift guide. The Cheese Board Deck taught me that kids love this card format and participating in the kitchen and these cards are a great format for learning simple and fun recipes. Support small businesses and make a kiddo happy by gifting them this recipe book. It includes 48 kid-friendly recipes that are simple yet delicious!

Easy-to-Use Cheese Knives – Little hands will appreciate practicing with these safe and easy-to-use knives! As you are teaching your little one safe practices in the kitchen, these are a great option!

Charcuterie Unicorn Set – I’m in love with this set! I used it on this kid’s snack post and it’s clear that you all loved it too. It includes a board, picks, snack cutters, and a safe-to-use knife!

Book Gifts for Charcuterie Lovers

cheese gifts, gifts for charcuterie lovers, meat and cheese christmas gifts

I’m always looking for great books to pull inspiration from. Whether you’re searching for kids’ crafts or board ideas or even just family dinner recipes, these are a few of my favorites!

Big Boards and More – This book includes 100 mix-and-match recipes to make any gathering great! I love how colorful the spreads are in each and every recipe! Sandy is a friend I met on Instagram; she gave me a sneak peek a while ago and you’ll find my endorsement printed in the book!

The Cheese Board Deck – I of course have to add this to my favorite books for gifting each holiday season! It makes for a great hostess gift or Secret Santa option – anyone is sure to enjoy it!

Savory Baking – I met Erin, the author, on a recent trip to Tillamook creamery. She’s the premiere pie expert on Instagram and has already released two best sellers, focusing on sweet pies. This is her savory edition with recipes for breakfast, dinner, and everything in between!

PS – We Made This – Outside of food recipe books, I love a good crafting book! This super fun book is perfect for kids! There are 85 projects that inspire learning and creativity – definitely a great boredom buster for winter and summer breaks.

The Comfortable Kitchen – Greg and I make recipes from this and Alex’s first book every week. It’s our go-to for laid-back, healthy, and wholesome recipes. I’m continually impressed with how these meals easily come together. There are 105 amazing options here for families. Includes everything from appetizers to soups to entrees!

Feeding Littles and Beyond – A NY times bestseller, this amazing resource is helpful for families feeding little ones! It teaches best practices for baby-led-weaning. Beyond that, it has great recipes that the whole family will enjoy during the process!

Gifts from Small Businesses

gifts for charcuterie lovers, small business gifts

If you’re looking to support small this holiday season, here are a few of my favorite options from SaltWorthCeramics! These beautiful ceramics are made by the team behind all the photos in The Cheese Board Deck. Haley and Ryan are super talented and creative in everything they do, and their pottery is no exception. Elevate your hosting with unique mugs, plates, ramekins, and more! Each gift is made to order, meaning they are each one-of-a-kind.

For all of my favorite products year-round, be sure to check out my Shop Section!

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      I think you can absolutely apply the same ideas I mention on the trader Joe’s cheese board post at any grocery store. Mix of hard and soft cheeses, produce to add color, garnish, etc. I taught a fall workshop with a cheese board 101 that teaches all these techniques. There’s a recording available here:

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