Salami Rose Charcuterie Bouquet with Rosé Wine Pairing

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Wondering how to make a rose out of salami, strawberries and other ingredients? Look no further! This salami rose recipe will have you rolling up gorgeous charcuterie roses for all your boards. Plus, when it comes to valentines, galentines, or palentines day, the best way to celebrate is with a glass of crispy pink rosé wine. 

You can take this charcuterie pairing up a notch with these wine topper boards I found on Amazon!

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salami rose bouquet

What You Need To Make Salami Roses

You don’t need a lot to make these beautiful salami flowers, but here’s what I use:

  • Wine glasses 
  • Cutting Boards
  • Knives

How To Make Salami Roses

You know I’m a sucker for a themed snack, so it’s no surprise that I’ve paired rosé with my favorite rose-shaped foods. But you can also add salami and strawberry roses (tutorial below) to any cheese board to fancy it up! The best part? There are only a few quick steps to make a beautiful salami rose.

  • First choose four slices of your preferred salami.
  • Fold each circle in half so that you have a half circle shape, and lay them in an overlapping line. Each one should overlap only about a third of the next slice. Make sure that the straight part of each one is in line with the straight part of the next. You’re basically making a little salami train. 
  • Start at one end of the “train” and roll them all up into a semi-tight roll. The tighter you go the more your salami rosette will look like a bud—and the looser you go, well, you’ll see! 
  • Once you have a nice roll, push a toothpick through the bottom part (straight side) to hold them all together. Push a second toothpick in perpendicular so that the toothpicks cross in the center in order to really secure your rose.
  • Finally, flip it around and arrange the “petals” to your liking. You can tug and pull a bit on each piece of salami to make it look like it’s not just a roll up, but a beautiful rose! 

Pro tip: In a rush? Make these roses ahead of time and store them in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 7 days.

How To Cut Strawberries Into Roses

To make a strawberry rose, hold the strawberry by the stem and make small cuts in the fruit while slightly pulling each one outward. These cuts should be done with a small knife, like a paring knife so that you don’t totally demolish your strawberry. 

Make the cuts big enough to be visible, but small enough that they don’t compromise the structure of the berry. You want to make them on each side of the fruit, rotating and moving up toward the pointy end. You’ll need between four and eight cuts total, giving it little “petals”. 

You can see the way I make these cuts in this instagram tutorial. Each one will look a little different and that’s okay, all roses look different too!

How To Make A Salami Rose Bouquet

Here’s what I put in my Rosé Bouquet:

  • The Rosé: La Rue Côtes de Provence Rosé (from Aldi)
  • Charcuterie: Appleton Farms gourmet deli selection (made into salami rosettes)
  • Cheese: Emporium Selection asiago cheese wedge (cut into triangles), Emporium Selection aged reserve white cheddar, Happy Farms preferred dill havarti cheese (cut into flower shapes using cookie cutters)
  • Produce: fresh strawberries (cut into roses), blackberries, blueberries
  • Accoutrement: Park Street deli olives, Choceur Rich dark chocolate, Clancy’s white cheddar cheese popcorn

Pro tip: I love shopping at Aldi, and not just for the wine! Check out their cheese and charcuterie options, plus you can use my Aldi board as your inspo!

salami rose
how to make a salami rose

How to Make Heart-Shaped Produce

If you’re not into strawberries or want to add a heart into the mix of shapes? You can turn the following into delicious hearts:

  • Apple slices
  • Cucumbers
  • Grape tomatoes
  • Red grapes

Check out my tutorial for valentines-themed produce here!

Salami Roses & Fruit Flower How-To Video

Show Me Your Charcuterie Roses

I hope this post inspires you to make salami flowers. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the beautiful spreads and snacks you create from my tips. If you make something inspired by this post, please tag me at @ainttooproudtomeg so I can see and share! 

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salami rose

Salami Rose Bouquet

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 Make charcuterie roses and pair them with wine to celebrate your love.



  • Emporium Selection Asiago Cheese Wedge cut into triangles
  • Aged Reserve White Cheddar (cut into flower shapes using cookie cutters)
  • Happy Farms Dill Havarti Cheese (cut into flower shapes using cookie cutters)


  • Hot Calabrese
  • Pepper Salami rosettes
  • Hot capocollo


  • Strawberry roses
  • Red Grapes


  • Clancy's White Cheddar Cheese Popcorn
  • Choceur Rich Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Park Street Olives on a skewer

Wine Pairing


  • Start by adding a handful of popcorn to the bottom of a large wine glass (stemmed or stemless!).
  • Add the asiago wedges to the back of the glass, then layer the salami rosettes, calabrese, capocollo, olive skewer, grapes, and chocolate in front.
  • Serve with the cheese flowers and strawberry roses on the side.
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Photos by Haley Hunt Davis

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