Charcuterie Boards

My best charcuterie board ideas—to beautify your gatherings and make the cutest meat and cheese boards.

Elevated Fall Cheese Board

Time for #BoardsWithGourds! A few years ago, I came up with this hashtag to showcase an easy way to make your cheese boards fall-friendly. Simply add a mini pumpkin to create a festive charcuterie spread. I like to say, just “Put a pumpkin on it”

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Cheese & Charcuterie Board Picnic

There’s something about enjoying a charcuterie board at a picnic that makes it taste even better than at home. Transporting a charcuterie board, however, can come with its own challenges. Using a glass storage container is my favorite because it…

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“Shark-Coochie” Board

What’s a “coochie” board? We all know that “charcuterie” can be a bit of a mouthful, and the Internet never disappoints. Some people pronounce it “charcoochie”, so of course the “shark-coochie” meme was born and this is the cheese board…

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Aldi Charcuterie Board Under $50

I love Aldi wine & cheese, and the best part about Aldi is that they offer affordable options. And while I enjoy fancy cheese just as much as the next person (OK, fine–maybe more),sometimes my budget doesn’t. For those nights…

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Fruits de Mer Seafood Charcuterie Board

What is a plateau de fruits de mer? Simply put, it’s a seafood platter of raw and cooked shellfish. It’s basically a fish charcuterie board! Plus it’s a super delicious way to enjoy seafood and a great option for summer…

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Individual Charcuterie Cones

I guess we’re living in a time of single-serve cheese plates now. I know people all around are making handheld snacks for their virtual happy hours. I promise, this charcuterie cone will be the hit of your next Zoom hang.

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