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Easy Christmas Crack

There’s a reason why Christmas crack, a popular holiday treat, is called “crack”–it’s so delicious it’s addictive! I know, I know–the name is kind of crass, so if you want to avoid using “crack,” you can also call it Christmas…

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Christmas Tree-Shaped Pull Apart Garlic Bread

Whether you’re hosting or attending, this Pillsbury pull apart garlic bread is the perfect cheesy app for holiday parties! You know I love a themed snack, so of course I had to add on to my collection of Christmas recipes…

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Turkey-Shaped Thanksgiving Cheese Ball

Updated 2023. I love Thanksgiving, so I go all out when it comes to appetizers. For this recipe, you’ll build a cute turkey out of cheese (did you expect anything less?)! Be sure to check out my other Turkey Day…

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Cranberry Pecan Goat Cheese Ball

This cranberry pecan cheese ball is the tastiest way to say hello to sweater weather and goodbye to sweaty summer! This cheese ball is perfect for fall gatherings (just like my Pumpkin Shaped Cheese Ball), but it’s also a super…

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Snacklebox Tackle Box Charcuterie

The snackle box has to be one of my favorite things I’ve come across on the internet. It’s exactly what it sounds like: A tackle box filled with all your favorite charcuterie snacks! If you’re unfamiliar with tackle boxes, they’re…

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Kids Lunch Bento Boxes

For my next trick, super cute and easy kids’ lunch box ideas! I won’t lie, I also pack these for myself sometimes, and yes I do cut my sandwiches into shapes. Bento boxes are super customizable and tidy, which is…

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