sugared cranberries

Cheesegiving: The Thanksgiving Charcuterie Meal Board

Whether you’re sharing the day with your quarantine crew, or doing Turkey Day on your own, this board will fit the bill. You’ll be able to enjoy the same Thanksgiving flavors of a full feast without all the cooking, the hassle, or the clean up.

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How To Build A Charcuterie Chalet

What is a Charcuterie Chalet? Imagine the most adorably decorated gingerbread house, but with all savory ingredients. That’s it! A charcuterie chalet is like a savory cheese board house, all dressed up for the winter holiday! Pretzel windows, salami-tiled roof…

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How To Make Sugared Cranberries

Sugared cranberries are a beautiful garnish to just about any holiday dessert. Because cranberries are one of few fruits in season during the winter months, I like to capitalize on using them as a garnish. Wow your guests with these beautiful wintery treats!

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