Galentine’s Day Dessert Board

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Updated 2022

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I had the pleasure of returning to Home & Family this week to make one of my Valentine’s Day Dessert Boards and show off the art of the ever popular heart apple. As always, Debbie Matenopoulos and Cameron Mathison were the most welcoming hosts!

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galentines day food ideas

The best Valentine’s Day Sweater

Before getting to the board, I don’t think I’ve ever received so many questions about a single item of clothing. This pink sweater was definitely a hit (color is “neon berry”).

Home & Family Segment

Now let’s get to it… The full segment is available on youtube below:

Valentine’s Day Dessert Board How-To

Step 1: gather fitting sweet treats

There are two things to think about:

  • Color palette: for VDAY that means lots of fitting red, pink, purple, white and chocolate brown items.
  • Novelty sweets: any fun love-themed treats, like heart jelly beans, heart cookies, lip gummies, etc. In particular, I like to go to Sockerbit NYC and Trader Joe’s for dye-free candies.

Step 2: place your ramekins

  • Similar to how we do with the cheese boards, I like to place ramekins first to create a symmetrical foundation (vs. being an afterthought and having them squished together).
  • Ramekins are great to corral smaller candies together.

Step 3: add in the heart apple

  • So far, Envy apples are my favorite for this trick. I try to pick out the reddest, roundest apples. See heart apple tutorial below.
  • I like to surround the heart apple with a contrasting-colored item (like the blueberries) so the heart pops.
  • Because these apples are face-down and held together, they aren’t that susceptible to oxidizing. But, if you’re looking for ways to protect your apples from browning, the traditional solve is brushing them with lemon juice, but that actually makes the apples taste bitter, so choose a sweeter citrus option like orange juice or pineapple juice

Step 4: move onto larger scale items

  • Items like cookies, brownies, larger gummies.
  • I like to line this up on the edges of the board to create a barrier for the smaller items so they don’t fall off.
  • Arrange them in fun ways around the board (fan out on edges, around ramekins, create rows) to create visual interest and varying textures on the board.

Step 5: pay attention to color distribution

  • Spread out similar colors to create visual interest and balance. 

Step 6: fill in the holes

  • Place smaller candies in gaps to make the board look abundant.

Pro TIP:

  • These fun scoops are great for guests to self-serve the candy. I’d suggest putting out bags for guests to take home doggie bags with leftovers too.
galentines day ideas dessert

The Apple Heart

For those of you that are new around here, last year, I came up with this cute way to display apple slices (in the shape of a heart) and it just might be the cutest way to serve apples you ever did see. Here’s the HEART APPLE tutorial on my IGTV:

What if I need to make a smaller serving?

My boards are often large to showcase my tips (especially on a show like Home & Family, I like to “go big or go home.”), but all these tips can be applied to a smaller board. Just choose 3-5 different sweets and arrange them on a small platter (as simple as a dinner plate) for a similar affect on a smaller scale.

best galentine gifts
galentine food ideas

Galentine’s Day Gifts

This dessert board would make an amazing edible gift for your gal pal. You can even deliver it with a copy of The Cheese Board Deck. Since it’s launch last year, it’s become a go-to holiday gift and Galentine’s and Valentine’s Day are no exception. Click on this link to find links to all retailers, including The Cheese Board Deck on Amazon for easy ordering. In the deck, you’ll find 50 board ideas for cheese boards, breakfast boards, kid’s boards and beyond, including a fun date-night board and Valentine’s Day dessert board.

Cheese Board Deck cards

Galentine’s Day Dessert Board

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Use this Galentines snack idea to celebrate with your bestie(s) this Valentine's Day!



  • Apple hearts
  • Blueberries

Larger Items

  • Heart Cookies (Whole Foods)
  • Brownies
  • Chocolate Pretzels with pink sprinkles (Whole Foods)
  • Jelly-filled Round Heart Cookies (Whole Foods)
  • Skull Gummies (Sockerbit)
  • Lip Gummies (Sockerbit)
  • Red Licorice Pinwheels (Dylan's Candy Store)

Smaller Items

  • X's & O's Gummies (Trader Joe's)
  • Vanilla Meringues
  • Pink Chocolate Covered Almonds (Sockerbit)
  • Chocolate Shortbread Hearts (Trader Joe's)
  • Heart Gummies (Sockerbit)
  • Red, White, and Pink M&Ms


  • Add M&Ms, X's & O's Gummies, and blueberries into individual small bowls and add to the board. Place an apple heart in each bowl of blueberries.
  • Add the rest of the smaller items in the space between the 4 bowls, separating similar colors.
  • Add the larger items around the edge of the board, separating similar colors.
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Show Me Your Boards

I hope this post inspires you to create sweet galentine’s treats. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the beautiful spreads you create from my tips. If you make something inspired by this post, please tag me at @ainttooproudtomeg so I can see and share!

And, if you liked this board recipe, please rate and review.

Photos from Home & Family by Keith Castillo/ Alexx Henry Studios, LLC.

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7 Reviews

  1. Stacy wrote:

    5 stars
    Made this Valentines Day board earlier this year for a Galentines and Bachelor viewing party and it a hit! It was feative, delicious and the crowd was impressed.

    Posted 12.3.20 Reply
  2. Maddie Chessario wrote:

    5 stars
    I’ve loved following your boards so much! They’re always so fun & creative and look delicious. I love to spend time around Valentine’s with my girlfriends and this board would be so fun to recreate ♥️

    Posted 12.3.20 Reply
  3. Mackenzie wrote:

    Another festive and tasty board. I can’t wait to make this in Feb for Valentine’s Day next to a glass of wine! Love the apple heart!!!!!

    Posted 12.3.20 Reply
  4. Mackenzie wrote:

    5 stars
    Another festive and tasty board. I can’t wait to make this in Feb for Valentine’s Day next to a glass of wine! Love the apple heart!!!!!

    Posted 12.3.20 Reply
  5. Madeline wrote:

    5 stars
    I’m obsessed with all things cheese and charcuterie boards, but I especially love these out of the box dessert boards! Such awesome inspiration!

    Posted 12.3.20 Reply
  6. Hannah Nixon wrote:

    5 stars
    Hi Meg! I made my first ~real~ dessert charcuterie board for a small Friendsgiving this year and let me tell you it was a HIT! The board was empty by the end of the night. I felt inspired by your dessert board and your themed boards. Mine included mini pumpkin pies, black and white cookies, red & green m&ms, cream cheese brownie triangles, and much more. Thank you for the inspiration! My mom and I adore everything you offer on Instagram, the blog, and even Amazon!

    Posted 12.3.20 Reply
  7. Sarah Graham wrote:

    My daughters loved the Valentines board! I’m planning on making this a tradition! It was a fun way to celebrate!

    Posted 12.21.20 Reply