Fall Harvest Burrata Salad

Updated 2023. You know how much I love burrata (ahem… Fall Burrata Board, Burrata and Prosciutto Crostini, and Ultimate Burrata Board), so I’m sure you won’t be surprised by my new favorite harvest-time salad. It’s simple, yet impressive and chock…

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Fall Burrata & Squash Appetizer

How much do you love Burrata? It’s so creamy and rich. My Summer Burrata Board was such a hit, I decided to make a Fall Burrata board. Similar to the Summer board, this spread of ingredients can be made into crostinis for a perfect fall appetizer, or a salad which is a great Thanksgiving first course. There are so many options to make this your own, the flavor pairings and alternatives are endless. Can’t wait to see your versions!

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Red, White & Burrata Appetizer Board

Updated 2023 If you’re hosting a Memorial Day BBQ or Independence Day party this year and are in need of a crowd-pleasing red white and blue appetizer or a unique, patriotic dessert to finish off your celebrations, this festive burrata…

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Stone Fruit Salad with Burrata

Burrata is my favorite way to add richness to summer boards, snacks, and meals. OK, fine… it’s my favorite during any season (you’ve seen something similar from me with the Harvest Burrata Salad in the fall, the Burrata & Citrus…

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Burrata & Citrus Salad

By now you know how much I love burrata. I mean, how could you not? It goes perfectly with just about every flavor, but one of my favorite combos is citrus! The zesty fruit brings a delightful brightness to the…

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