Boards for One or Two

Need smaller snacks for just you, or a few friends? I have plenty of charcuterie boards for two (or one, or three!)

Rosh Hashanah Board

A board for the Jewish New Year! I’m certainly no Rosh Hashanah expert, but when asked to make an apples and honey platter look stunning and tasty, you know I’m on it. I love making this board because there are so many family traditions and symbolic items you can add. Use my board as inspiration to make a festive snack spread for the year to come. Shanah Tovah!

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Cheese & Charcuterie Board Picnic

There’s something about enjoying a charcuterie board at a picnic that makes it taste even better than at home. Transporting a charcuterie board, however, can come with its own challenges. Using a glass storage container is my favorite because it…

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Soft Pretzel Charcuterie Board

BIG NEWS! I found the perfect cheese board vessel… It’s a warm, soft pretzel! Perfect for Oktoberfest or Football Sundays, It’s basically a cheese board you can eat!

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Individual Charcuterie Cones

I guess we’re living in a time of single-serve cheese plates now. I know people all around are making handheld snacks for their virtual happy hours. I promise, this charcuterie cone will be the hit of your next Zoom hang.

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The Ultimate Chocolate & Cheese Pairing Board

Updated 2022 There’s only one thing I love more than eating cheese and that’s pairing it with my other favorite foods, like chocolate! If your first reaction isn’t, “OMG yum,” then let me change your mind. Chocolate can be rich…

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Simple Summer Cheese Board

There’s nothing better than a evening outside enjoying a beautiful cheese board! These boards were made with that in mind.

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