Breakfast Boards

The best way to brunch? These fun breakfast board recipes are your guide to creating an easy & beautiful spread with waffles, bagels, pancakes & more.

Crêpe Toppings Bar

Crêpes are basically just a delicious vehicle for Crêpe toppings, and you know how much I love toppings bars! This Crêpe bar is full of fresh fruits and sweet spreads so you can make the best sweet Crêpes. It’s easy…

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English Muffin Breakfast Board

English muffins are at the top of the breakfast sandwich pyramid, if you ask me. That’s why I made this build-your-own-style English muffin breakfast sandwich board! It’s easy to prep ahead, which makes it ideal for hosting brunch–no one wants…

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Valentine’s Day Bacon Roses

Updated 2024 You had to know this was coming. We’ve made salami rosettes, prosciutto roses, lox roses, avocado roses, and even strawberry roses (a distant cousin to my apple hearts). What could possibly be next? Let me introduce you to…

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Avocado Toast Toppings Board

What’s better than avocado toast? A Build Your Own Avocado Toast Board filled with endless options to build the PERFECT TOAST…

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Oatmeal Toppings Bar

Oatmeal is one of my favorite hot breakfasts, especially with all the best oatmeal toppings! It’s easy to whip up, hearty, warming, and super tailorable. You can make it extra good-for-you with fruits and healthy mix-ins, or go the super…

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Smoothie Bowl Toppings Bar

If you’re looking for a healthy breakfast option, look no further than these Açaí bowls! They’re fruity, and filled with good-for-you superfoods and antioxidants, but my favorite part is all the tasty toppings. You know I can’t resist a board,…

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