TV & Movie Boards

Cheese boards are how I enjoy TV. These are my favorite themed boards to serve while watching your favorite shows. Get creative!

Popcorn Bar

Nothing beats flavored popcorn! Whip up some stovetop popcorn and put out popcorn toppings for a fun make-your-own adventure. It’s perfect for movie nights and watching awards shows, like the Oscars (check out my Oscars Party Board)! In addition to…

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Best Movie Snacks for Your Oscars Party

A delicious movie theatre candy board I made for Emily Schuman and the Cupcakes & Cashmere team. It’s the perfect centerpiece for an Academy Awards viewing party.

Hocus Pocus Themed Party Charcuterie Board

Whether thou is hosting a Halloween bash or a Hocus Pocus (1 and/or 2!) watch party, this board will put a spell on you. Here thou willst create bewitching charcuterie versions of Winnifred, Sarah, and Mary Sanderson. Just make sure…

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Cinderella Party Food Board

What to make for world princess week? Well, whether you’re a Disney lover or want to throw a themed party for your kid, you’ll have a ball with this Cinderella board. Full of magical treats from Disney’s animated masterpiece, you’ll…

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Bridgerton Tea Party Board

Dearest Gentle Reader, it’s probably fair to assume that if you haven’t watched Netflix’s Bridgerton at least once, you’ve no doubt heard about all the hype. I, like most, got sucked in by the incredible costumes, Whistledown drama, and, yeah,…

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