Cheese & Honey Pairings- Part 4

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Our final cheese and honey pairing with Bee Seasonal Honey.

Marmeleiro Honey

The Marmeleiro honey is the “all-rounder” of the set. It’s also happens to be my favorite varietal. It is fairly mild and pairs well with a variety of cheeses.

Marmeleiro Honey Pairings

For this board, I chose:

  • aged Gouda
  • goat cheese medallions
  • green olives
  • dried mandarins
  • pickles
  • persimmons
  • dried oranges
  • green apple slices
  • candied pecans. 

The Perfect Bites:

  • Cracker topped with goat cheese a slice of fresh persimmon, candied pecan, and honey.
  • Rice cracker topped with a slice of salami, a slice of green apple, a cube of Gouda, and honey. YUMMM!


Show Me Your Boards, Honey!

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