The Ultimate Chocolate & Cheese Pairing Board

Updated 2022 There’s only one thing I love more than eating cheese and that’s pairing it with my other favorite foods, like chocolate! If your first reaction isn’t, “OMG yum,” then let me change your mind. Chocolate can be rich…

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Whole Foods 12 Days of Cheese: Recommendations

ATTENTION Whole Foods shoppers….This is NOT a drill. It’s the biggest cheese sale of the year, and you must take advantage. I talk about this sale every year because it’s absolutely epic! 12 Days. 12 Different Cheeses. 50% off a new cheese every day, starting Dec 12. It’s like a real-life advent calendar!

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The Perfect Cheese Pairings

Whenever I mention a favorite cheese, your most common response is, “but, what should I serve with it?” The good news is that in the world of cheese pairings, the options are endless! Since taste buds are so unique, I always recommend that you experiment yourself and find out what combos you like best. Because after all, that’s half the fun of cheese tasting!

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