Rosh Hashanah Board

A board for the Jewish New Year! I’m certainly no Rosh Hashanah expert, but when asked to make an apples and honey platter look stunning and tasty, you know I’m on it. I love making this board because there are so many family traditions and symbolic items you can add. Use my board as inspiration to make a festive snack spread for the year to come. Shanah Tovah!

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How To Make a British Cheese Board

I love this board as an after-dinner plate. Yep! Cheese for dessert. While here in America, cheese boards are most often thought of as pre-meal appetizers, in other parts of the world (like England & France), a cheese course is more likely served after a meal.

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Whipped Ricotta Cheese Dip & Hot Honey

If you haven’t had whipped ricotta yet, I am very happy to introduce you to this amazingly delicious and easy appetizer! Seriously, all you have to do is throw a couple things (ahem, ricotta and olive oil) in a food…

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Cheese Boards for One (or Two)

Cheese Boards don’t have to be for a crowd. Over the past few months I’ve made lots of smaller cheese boards. I hope you can take my inspiration and make something beautiful for yourself, or for a couple friends.

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