Cheese & Honey Pairings- Part 3

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It’s week 3 in our cheese & honey series with Bee Seasonal Honey and today I’m making a board with their Brazilian Wildflower Honey: Silvestre! This is the most floral & aromatic of the set. It also has a little citrus rind aftertaste that’s slightly bitter, which balances the creaminess of goat cheeses (like this goat’s milk brie & Humboldt Fog) and some sheep milk cheeses (like Manchego). I also thought it’d be really fun to play up the floral connection by garnishing the board with spray roses, lavender & chamomile flowers.

Perfect Bites:

And now for our “perfect bites” from this board! Take a piece of sourdough, layer on some Manchego & pistachios then drizzle with honey. Or, take a cracker & some goat’s milk brie, sprinkle some pomegranate seeds and drizzle on the Silverstre honey. YUMMO!

Show Me Your Boards, Honey!

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