Budget Boards

My guide to party food on a budget. No need to break the bank to impress your guests.

Loaded French Fries Board

Updated 2024. A french fry bar is the only way french fries could get any more delicious by loading them up with all the best toppings. And who doesn’t want to make their own special loaded french fries exactly to…

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Aldi Charcuterie Board Under $50

I love Aldi wine & cheese, and the best part about Aldi is that they offer affordable options. And while I enjoy fancy cheese just as much as the next person (OK, fine–maybe more),sometimes my budget doesn’t. For those nights…

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Quesadilla Toppings Board

Updated 2023 Quesadillas are a classic Mexican comfort food, and, beyond being one of my favorite Mexican-inspired snacks, they are super easy to make. This board is designed to make your next fiesta fun and delicious without all of the…

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Loaded Baked Potato Toppings Bar

If you think there’s something better than a loaded baked potato, you haven’t tried a baked potato toppings bar. If you really want to blow your guests minds, serve this potato bar as a delicious, loaded appetizer! There are so…

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Game Day Wings Board

Updated 2022 Quite possibly one of the best Super Bowl snacks is classic hot wings! Similar to the Meatball Game Day Board, the meat is the star of the show here. Grab takeout wings and build your platter with all…

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Trader Joe’s Cheese Board: $35 Budget

The Trader Joe’s budget board has arrived! Recently I shared a $65 Trader Joe’s Board with all my faves, but now I want to show that you can cut that price down even further without sacrificing quality or style.

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