International Cuisine Boards

Food boards that are inspired by my version of international cuisines. From tacos, to kabobs, to French cheeses! These are my favorite flavors from around the world.

Fish Taco Toppings Board

Updated 2024. This fish taco toppings spread will be your new go-to for Taco Tuesday–and every other day of the week! I used frozen fish sticks to make this board extra speedy (and kid-friendly!), but I also love to season…

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Mediterranean Mezze Board

Mezze’s are hands-down one of my favorite ways to eat. It’s a perfect starter for kebobs or a stand-alone meal with the girls.

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Spanish Wine & Tapas Charcuterie Board

Manchego is a crowd-pleaser and a mainstay on cheese boards around the world, but if you really want it to shine, complement it with Idiazabal & Mahón cheeses, and other Spanish delights to create a tapas-style spread. I like to…

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Chicken Lettuce Wraps Recipe (Copycat)

Lettuce wraps are a super delicious and light way to enjoy all your favorite fillings. Whether it’s taco fillings, sandwich fixin’s, or Asian-inspired stir-frys, lettuce is a deliciously crisp and fresh vehicle that works well with every flavor! These lettuce…

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How To Make a British Cheese Board

I love this board as an after-dinner plate. Yep! Cheese for dessert. While here in America, cheese boards are most often thought of as pre-meal appetizers, in other parts of the world (like England & France), a cheese course is more likely served after a meal.

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Mexican-Inspired Board Ideas

Updated 2023 If there’s one board that’s always a hit with my friends, it’s my Mexican-inspired charcuterie board. Pair chips, salsa, carne asada and my deliciously simple margarita and you have yourself the perfect meal for Cinco de Mayo, Taco Tuesday or…

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