TV & Movie Boards

Cheese boards are how I enjoy TV. These are my favorite themed boards to serve while watching your favorite shows. Get creative!

Bridgerton Tea Party Board

Dearest Gentle Reader, it’s probably fair to assume that if you haven’t watched Netflix’s Bridgerton at least once, you’ve no doubt heard about all the hype. I, like most, got sucked in by the incredible costumes, Whistledown drama, and, yeah,…

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Once Upon a Time in Candyland

A delicious movie theatre candy board I made for Emily Schuman and the Cupcakes & Cashmere team. It’s the perfect centerpiece for an Academy Awards viewing party.

Game of Thrones Board

Man… am I going to miss Game of Thrones!! A TV show I honestly never thought I would get into, but spent the last 7 years enjoying throughly. In anticipation of the last season of Game, I created a FIRE & ICE-themed board to enjoy during your GOT viewing parties.