Halloween Candy Charcuterie Board

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Updated 2023.

black and orange halloween candy board

What’s better than trick-or-treating? Well, not much…BUT, the next best thing is enjoying this fun Halloween Dessert Board filled with festive cookies and spooky sweets! The best part about this eerie-sistable candy board is that you can add your own creative twists and favorite Halloween treats (yes, even savory ones!). Plus, make this the centerpiece of your monster bash to give your fiends and family pumpkin’ to talk about. Bone Appetit!

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easy halloween candy board

Candy Charcuterie Tips

You’ve seen many of my candy boards, and they generally follow the same tips. Much like the baby shower candy board, for this Halloween-themed sweet board, I followed these steps:

  • Start by picking a color palette. For Halloween, you can stick with a more traditional orange, green, black, and purple line-up. Or, in this case, because I found lots of colorful Halloween-themed candy, I went for a more broad color selection. I did, however, emphasize plenty of orange and green here.
  • Include holiday-themed novelty candies. In the case of Halloween, Candy Corn is an obvious must. Beyond that, vampire teeth, spider and skull gummies really take this to the next level.
  • Arrange candies in fun and uniform patterns along the edge of the board (the lip gummies and halloween cookies) or in a triangular pattern (the red and green skulls).
  • Fan your sweets around the bowls. Like the orange Oreos on the left, which are so cute stacked so you can see the colors.
  • Finally, fill in the nooks and crannies with smaller candies like candy corn or other favorites.

Note: If this board is too candy-heavy for you, add some savory elements! Check out my Trader Joe’s Halloween Board for inspiration.

Where to Shop for Halloween Candy

Places I love for candy year-round, including great holiday offerings:

  • Sockerbit. They have an amazing Swedish candy selection. All made with natural colors and no high fructose corn syrup, GMOs, and trans fats. I frequent a location in Los Angeles, but they also have a NYC shop and an extensive online offering no matter where you live. I got the skulls, green lips, green frogs, and the vampire teeth gummies from Sockerbit.
  • Dylan’s Candy Bar. I am literally a kid-in-a-candy store in here! So many choices and every color candy to suit your themed-board needs.
  • Trader Joe’s. Always a favorite, but especially during Pumpkin Spice Season. They have the ghost & bat chips, peanut butter cups, black licorice, and candy corn popcorn. BTW, here’s Trader Joe’s Halloween Board if you’re in the mood for sweet and savory.


halloween dessert charcuterie board ideas

Scale Down for a Smaller Crowd

Not having a big Halloween gathering this year? You can easily scale this board down.

Use a smaller board (the one pictured is 19in), or better yet, a simple round dinner plate. Similar to how I make Cheese Boards for One or Two People, you can pick out a three or four candies and arrange them using the tips above and still have a special treat for fewer people (or just yourself!).

Bewitching Candy Board Inspirations

Here are some of my favorite Halloween boards! Use these tricks and treats to give your board a boost:

Halloween Skeleton Candy Charcuterie Board by Kara’s Party Ideas

halloween candy skeleton board

I love the way the skeleton is incorporated into the board. It makes the board a perfect spooky centerpiece!

Halloween Charcuterie Board by A Pumpkin and a Princess

halloween party desserts

How cool is this coffin-shaped tray? Using novelty/themed serving platters and utensils is an easy way to up your game.

Best Halloween Candy Charcuterie Board by Cutefetti

most popular halloween candy

This bright board is perfect for little ghouls and goblins! You can even use it for trick or treaters if you use more wrapped candy.

Spooktacular S’mores Board by Sorrenteaux Boards

halloween dessert ideas

Who doesn’t love S’mores? This delicious idea is great for a backyard gathering or a cold night.

Día de Los Muertos Hershey Sugar Skull Candy Tray by Fab Everyday

halloween candy day of the dead

This gorgeous board inspired by the Mexican holiday is so creative and fun to make! Make it a family project to celebrate your loved ones and welcome their souls back from the other side.

Show Me Your Boards

I hope this post inspires you to create spooktacular candy boards. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the boo-tiful spreads and snacks you create from my tips. If you make something inspired by this post, please tag me at @ainttooproudtomeg so I can see and share! 

And, If you liked this recipe, please rate and review.

Halloween Candy Board Dessert Board Candy Corn

Halloween Candy Board

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Make this Halloween candy board filled with tasty treats and fun novelty Halloween candy.


Sweet treats

  • Pumpkin Cookies (Sur la Table)
  • Ghost Cookies (Sur la Table)
  • Candy Corn Flavored Popcorn (Trader Joe's)
  • Orange Halloween Oreos


  • Skull Sour Candy (Sockerbit)
  • Gummy Fangs (World Market)
  • Green Rock Candy (Dylan's Candy Store)
  • Sour Spider Candy (Candy Club)
  • Mini Gummy Pumpkins I like Jelly Belly
  • Green Sour Lip Candy (Sockerbit)
  • Peanut Butter Cups (Trader Joe's)
  • Black Licorice (Sockerbit)
  • Candy Corn I like Brach's

Savory snacks

  • Pretzel Sticks
  • Ghose & Bat Chips (Trader Joe's)


  • Start by picking out items that fit your seasonal color palette and theme of the holiday.
  • Add the popcorn and ghost chips to separate bowls and place on the board to anchor it.
  • Fan the Oreos around one of the bowls so the orange cream is showing
  • Start using the candy to fill in the board working from the center out. Be sure to separate similar colors!
  • Add the pretzel sticks, rock candy, and iced cookies to the edge of the board to finish.
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  1. Elizabeth S wrote:

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    I love the idea of candy boards. So fun and so festive! I’ve made them for holidays now and a color themed one for a baby shower

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  2. Ali wrote:

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    Loved this board for Halloween! Spooky and sweet!

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