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Wine 101 + A Wine & Cheese Pairings Guide

I love pairing wine and cheese, especially when I’m serving a charcuterie board! But really, there’s a wine pairing for almost anything! Below, I share easy-to-understand tips about different types of wine, and then how to pair wine with cheese…

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Salami Rose Charcuterie Bouquet with Rosé Wine Pairing

Cheers! It’s officially rosé season! The best way to enjoy a glass is by pairing it with a rosé bouquet. I created this cute, updated version of our #CoronaCones using strawberries that I turned into roses, salami rosettes, delicious popcorn, and my favorite Aldi cheeses.

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Spanish Wine & Tapas Charcuterie Board

Manchego is a crowd-pleaser and a mainstay on cheese boards around the world, but if you really want it to shine, complement it with Idiazabal & Mahón cheeses, and other Spanish delights to create a tapas-style spread. I like to…

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How To Make a British Cheese Board

I love this board as an after-dinner plate. Yep! Cheese for dessert. While here in America, cheese boards are most often thought of as pre-meal appetizers, in other parts of the world (like England & France), a cheese course is more likely served after a meal.

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