Individual Charcuterie Cones

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Updated 2023

charcuterie cones for one

Whether you’re making single-serve cheese plate for yourself or want to offer a mess- and germ-free alternative to your guests, these Charcuterie Cones (AKA “Corona Cones”) are perfect. In the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, they were perfect for virtual happy hours, Zoom hangs and small gatherings, but I still love them even as we get back to normal life! It’s so much easier to walk around holding a cone than a plate.

Be sure to also check out my tips for making jarcuterie (you got that right… charcuterie in a jar) and my other handheld cheese board ideas, like my this charcuterie in a wine glass featuring the a tutorial on how to make the infamous salami rose!

What are Charcuterie Cones?

I created these cones as a way to transition beautiful large cheese boards into more appropriate single servings of cheese and charcuterie during the pandemic. These adorable hand-held cones, filled-to-the brim with delicious snacks, are my way of adapting to the times. These aren’t a completely original idea, by the way, you may have seen similar hand-helds at conferences or large buffets for years. But once the pandemic started, I knew we needed to use them to keep our cheese board creativity going. Who knew these would be perfect for a pandemic!? 

How to Make Individual Charcuterie Cups?

Wrap up a cute paper cone (or find an adorable glass or mug) and fill it with your favorite foods. It’s totally okay to use whatever you have in your pantry right now! I originally used a DIY paper cone (combo of parchment and computer paper rolled up and taped together) but have since found these perfect disposable wooden cones on Amazon.

individual charcuterie cups

Layering Your Ingredients

When you’re looking around for nibbles to put into your Corona Cone think about the following… 

  • Pair different flavors together (just like you would a regular cheese board). In this case, I really wanted to play up the briny olives and salty cornichons with the creamy Dill Havarti.
  • Layer in items with various heights to create visual appeal. The breadsticks are long and thin which looks nice but also doesn’t obscure the smaller items.
  • Similarly, use different colors and shapes. For cheeses, I used one orange (sharp cheddar) and one white (Dill Havarti). Beyond that, I cut them in different shapes (slices and cubes) to create additional visual interest.

The Original Charcuterie Cone Breakdown

  • Start with a base of a breadstick
  • Add two crackers and a few cubes of dill havarti cheese
  • Layer in a skewer of olives and cornichons (skewers are my go-to for adding height variation)
  • Place two thin slices of your favorite cheddar and a couple of folded salami slices (what I like to call salami flowers). 
  • Garnish with a sprig of rosemary (don’t eat it raw, but do smell it as you go for another bite!) 
  • Finish with a sprinkling of salty almonds
individual appetizer in cups

How to Serve Your Cone?

  • Remember that you have to hold it upright so that it doesn’t spill out. A cone is great for nibbling appetizers at cocktail party setting, but might not be awesome if you’re balancing other things or want to take your time to enjoy the cone.
  • I recommend placing it in a stemless wine glass, if you’re going to need your hands for something (like adjust your Zoom background image).

Fun Cone Inspiration 

These Corona Cones would be a great project to build in tandem over your video chats. Instead of eating and chatting, make your next hang out session a #CoronaCone making party. This is the original cone with charcuterie, but you can make it out of anything. Since this original one I’ve made these others:

charcuterie candy cone
individual appetizers for social distancing
individual appetizers in cups

Finding Charcuterie Alternatives in Your Kitchen

It may be harder to get your favorite ingredients these days and that’s okay. I encourage you to reach for the snacks that you love. If you don’t have any supplies listed here, you can still make yourself a beautiful treat with what you have in your kitchen. Just promise me you’ll make it the charCUTErie that I know you can. 

If you’re not into the cone thing, you can always make your snack in another vessel. Since introducing these fun handhelds to my community I love seeing the creative cones others have come up with.

  • Mugs
  • Other Glasses (from tumblers to margarita glasses- see below IG post and scroll through the examples)
  • Jars (no joke, look up #JARcuterie. It’s a thing!)

How Much is a Single Serving?

I get asked this all the time when making platters, but it’s even more tricky when it’s just for one! You don’t want to create a beautiful cone only to find you’re too full to finish it. A few rules to follow: 

  • Between one and two ounces of both meat and cheese for each person 
    • For generic salami, one ounce is approximately three slices
    • For cheese, one ounce is two small cubes (think a pair of dice!) 
  • I usually figure two to three bites of each item will be plenty. When you put together a few bites of four or five foods, you’ll have a pretty, well-rounded snack. 

Depending on how hungry you are, if this will be part of a meal or just a snack, you can choose whatever amount you want! 

An Important Charcuterie Chat

If you know Jared Freid (otherwise known as “The Board Lord,”), you know that he is the King of Charcuterie Chats. He often has lots to say about the Cheese Board-Making community… it’s not always positive, but it’s always hysterical!! My crowning achievement was getting a glowing review on the invention of #CoronaCones. Hear his hilarious thoughts below…

Share Me Your Cones

I hope this post inspires you to make these cones. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the beautiful snacks and apps you create from my tips. If you make something inspired by this post, please tag me at @ainttooproudtomeg so I can see and share! 

And, If you liked this recipe, please rate and review.

charcuterie Cones small cheese plate

Charcuterie Cones

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A creative charcuterie board idea for a fun single serving snack. It’s just as elegant as it is tasty. Charcuterie in a cone is great for social distancing.



  • White paper
  • Parchment Paper
  • Tape
  • Toothpick


  • Dill Havarti Cubed
  • Sharp Cheddar Sliced


  • Salami


  • Breadstick
  • La Panzanella Crackers


  • Smokehouse Almonds
  • Olives
  • Cornichons
  • Herb for Garnish


  • Start with a base of a breadstick
  • Add two crackers and a few cubes of dill havarti cheese
  • Layer in a skewer of olives and cornichons (skewers are my go-to for adding height variation)
  • Place two thin slices of your favorite cheddar and a couple of folded salami slices (what I like to call salami flowers).
  • Garnish with a sprig of rosemary (don’t eat it raw, but do smell it as you go for another bite!)
  •  Finish with a sprinkling of salty almonds
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  1. Shelby wrote:

    5 stars
    Love these!!!

    Posted 12.3.20 Reply
  2. Julianne wrote:

    5 stars
    How cute! That candy cone is my favorite!

    Posted 12.17.20 Reply
  3. Janelle wrote:

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    How cute would this be for little kids at a birthday!

    Posted 12.17.20 Reply
  4. Samantha wrote:

    5 stars
    These were so much fun!

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  5. Jody wrote:

    5 stars
    Love the cone idea! Perfect for small gatherings & would be great for tailgating at football games! ????????

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  6. Tomiko wrote:

    5 stars
    Super cute and super fun for kids and adults! ????????????????

    Posted 12.18.20 Reply
    • Rhiannon wrote:

      5 stars
      This is such a great idea for a party… even during non-pandemic times. A great theme idea! Instead of piling it on a plate it can be like a sundae ice cream bar, but savory for grown-ups! I love it!!!

      Posted 12.21.20 Reply
  7. Nicole D wrote:

    5 stars
    Have to try making these, so cute! Thank you for inspiring us this lock down season and beyond! xoxo

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  8. Samantha wrote:

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    I love these! So smart!

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    So perfect and the options are endless

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  10. Jen wrote:

    5 stars
    LOVE this idea!

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  11. Mary Lou wrote:

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    This post is how I found you. I will never tire of making these charming single servings of my favorite snack. Thank you for this delightful reimagining.

    Posted 12.21.20 Reply
  12. Ryan P wrote:

    5 stars
    I tired this with why I had on hand. You definitely need a few items to add height. Also I learned long skewers really help keep things from falling out. If at first you don’t succeed try and try and try again.

    Posted 12.22.20 Reply
  13. Amy wrote:

    5 stars
    We made Easter cones as a family and it was a big hit!

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  14. KK wrote:

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    Thank you for the instructions and all the photos for inspiration!

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  15. Sandie Morse wrote:

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    I have made these many times for bridal showers, and gatherings with friends! Always a hit!
    Thank you Meg!!

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