St. Paddy’s Day Kid’s Snack Board

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Updated 2022

st patrick's day snacks

When I think of St Patrick’s Day, the first thing that comes to mind is GREEN! Throw on your favorite green clothes (don’t want to get pinched!) and celebrate Paddy’s Day with some fun, wholesome snacks. If you don’t have green chips or broccoli on hand, don’t fret–there are plenty of other colorful kids boards to choose from, like this pretty rainbow board (after all, what’s St. Patricks Day without the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?). If all else fails and you don’t have the time to make a board, you can whip up equally fun, Shamrock Shake smoothie bowls.

For an extra layer of food craft fun, turn this board into a kitchen or grocery store scavenger hunt for the kiddos, asking them to gather all the greens they can find. For more fun Spring-inspired boards, check out my Easter Candy Board, Passover Appetizer Board, Build Your Own Avocado Toast Board, and Roasted Grape Crostini.

st patrick's day treats for kids

What’s on this Board?

Vegetables are tastier when they’re cut into shapes, that’s just fact, but don’t worry–this board also has sweet treats too, you know, for balance. Pro tip: The best way to eat raw veggies is to blanch them first to make them a little more tender and tasty. 

The Produce

  • Green grapes
  • Baby broccoli
  • Green cauliflower

Note: If you don’t have a shamrock cookie cutter, use a small heart-shaped cookie cutter to create little clover leaves. 

The Salty Snacks

  • Seaweed snacks

The Sweet Treats

  • Shamrock sugar cookies

The Dip

  • Spinach hummus garnished with cilantro (more on that below)

Quick Additions/Substitutions:

  • If you’re looking for some added saltiness, go for pitted green olives (in a ramekin) or sliced avocado 
  • Try swapping out the cauliflower for some cucumber slices
  • If you’re a major cheese person, find a block of pesto gouda and/or Irish cheddar (bonus points for green wax!)
st patty's day snacks

How to Build This Paddy’s Day Board

  • Like always, I like to start with my small bowls, so add the hummus to the board first to anchor it.
  • Next, add your produce items, tallest and biggest first!
  • Then, start filling in the holes with the savory snacks.
  • Finally finish it off with the sweet stuff.
  • Be sure to keep the seaweed snacks and any other dry items away from the fresh produce so the moisture doesn’t soften anything it shouldn’t (i learned this one the hard soft way).

How to Make Green Hummus

You can make green hummus yourself, but you can also use spirulina or green food coloring to get the same effect if spinach isn’t your thing:

I used this green hummus recipe

Otherwise, Combine 8 ounces of your favorite store-bought hummus with 1⁄4 teaspoon spirulina powder or 2-3 drops liquid food coloring in a bowl and mix until fully combined. 

green snack food ideas

How to Blanch Your Veggies

Blanching is not as complicated as it sounds! It’s the quickest and most traditional way to make hard veggies (think: cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, green beans) tender and less bitter. All you have to do is bring salted water to a boil in a deep saucepan, then add the veggies to the boiling water for up to a minute, or until the colors appear brighter. 

Typically after blanching, you then shock the vegetables to stop them from cooking and keep them crisp–it’s not necessary but I highly recommend it. To shock, move the blanched veggies into a prepared bowl of ice water. It’s that easy!

Show Me Your Paddy’s Day Boards

I hope this post inspires you to create delicious boards. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the beautiful spreads you create from my tips. If you make a board inspired by this post, please tag me at @ainttoooproudtomeg so I can see and share!

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St. Patrick’s Day Kids Snack Board


Make this fun, healthy food craft with your kids and load up on delicious greens and St. Paddy's day snacks.



  • Spinach Hummus


  • Green Grapes
  • Green Cauliflower
  • Baby Broccoli
  • Green Bell Peppers


  • Guacamole Chips
  • Snap Pea Crisps
  • Seaweed Snacks


  • Yogurt Pretzels
  • Chocolate Gold Coins
  • Sour Rainbow Ribbons
  • Shamrock Cookies


  • Cilantro


  • First, add the hummus to a small bowl and place it on the board first to anchor it.
  • Next, add your produce items, starting with the tallest and biggest items.
  • Then, start filling in the holes with the smaller produce and savory snacks. (Be sure to keep the seaweed snacks and any other dry items away from the fresh produce so the moisture doesn’t soften anything it shouldn’t)
  • Finally, finish it off with the sweet stuff.
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